The Marshall University ZBT Gamma Epsilon Scholarship Fund

Individual Contributors

(Updated Sept 2011)

Abel, Richard Dennis
Adkins, Bill
Atkin, Ronald W.
Blankenship, R. Hedland
Blumer, Jan Jacques
Broh, C. Anthony
Broh, Eph "Pete" Henry
Brothers, Riley C.
Brown, Randall
Burdette, H. Stephen
Calvert, David R.
Carey, Michael
Click, John William
Cohen, Kenneth R.
Cohen, Ronald Edward
Colson, John
Dailer, August Leo III
Deem, Mark R.
Edwards, William A.
Ewing, Frazier S.
Fraley, George
Forinash, Bruce
Ferguson, Michael Elliot
Full, James Virgil
George, Joseph L.
Gillette, Joseph M.
Gregg, Robert Ellis
Grimes, Conley
Harbour, George,
Hastie, Thomas J.
Huffman, Roy Emmett
Kessick, Jack C.
Kunis, Bob
Knapp, Mark A.
Landau, Bert Grant
Landau, Richard L.
Lazear, Joseph Bennett
Louden, John
Magann, Donald Ed
Mangus, Steve
Marchani, Anthony
Mayer, Paul J.
Miller, Paul Theodore Jr.
Morrison, Kimball L.
Murphy, Richard B.
Myers, Gary
Nemeth, Bill
Pardue, David R.
Petrie, P. Keith
Pauley, John Edwin
Poulton, Gary M.
Rollins, Kenneth J.
Rollins, Larry
Rose, Warren
Salsitz, Robert F.
Schroder, Eberhard G.
Shelton, David A.
Skean, Jonathan
Smailes, George T. Jr.
Snider, John R.
Sommer, John
Stewart, Gerald L.
Summers, James Paul
Tucker, David F.
Unger, Debra
Unger, Raymond
Westrich, Gary Alan
Wilkins, Robert H.
Winter, James F.
Wise, James David
Wonn, Stanley T.
Yates, Samuel W.

Corporate Contributors

Arch Coal
Ashland Oil
Bell Atlantic Foundation
New York Life Foundation
The Prudential Foundation


An Outstanding Endeavor

In 1999 the alumni brothers of the Gamma Epsilon Chapter of the Zeta Beta Tau Fraternity at Marshall University established a scholarship fund to provide support to students with financial need.  The fund was endowed in 2000 after reaching $10,000. The purpose of the fund is to:

  • Support Marshall University through the scholarship fund.
  • Provide financial support to students of Marshall University with financial need.
  • Create a lasting endowment that will stand as a testament to the contributions that the Gamma Epsilon Chapter of the Zeta Beta Tau Fraternity made to Marshall University.
  • Celebrate our shared commitment, friendship and unity.

 Click Here to read the Statement of Purpose and Objective.



Here's where we are.

Current ValueReporting Date


Let's make the goal of $200,000


Join Us Now

The Marshall University Foundation has created a website that makes giving convenient for those of you who would like to remember any of our departed brothers with a contribution to the ZBT-Gamma Epsilon Scholarship Fund in lieu of flowers or family gift.

The secure website allows either a contribution or a pledge. Read the instructions below then click the link "Scholarship Fund Contributions" to go to the secure website:

1. (Required) After you have decided on the amount, go to the drop down window that looks like this:

I would like my gift to benefit: and select "Other-use comments to specify"

2. (Optional) If you would like to make your gift in honor or memory of someone, scroll down to the line that says:

I would like to make this gift and click on the radio button and enter the person's name in the box.

3. (Required) Then scroll down to the comment box that looks like this: If you have any questions or comments please enter them here: and then enter "ZBT-GE Scholarship Fund"and any other information that you want the Foundation to know.

Be sure to complete all of the personal information about yourself. Don't forget to click "Continue" at the bottom of the page.

Scholarship Fund Contributions

You can also call (866) 308-1346 and mention the ZBT Scholarship Fund.  As always thank you for your support of this project.


C. Anthony Broh, member of the Marshall University Alumni Association Board of Directors, and Adam Ehlert, 2003-04 Scholarship Recipient, at the 2004 MU Foundation Awards Luncheon.

Destiny B. Day
Huntington, WV

Brad Ackermann
Wheeling, WV
College of Science
BS, Integrated Science & Techynology

Joshua Ferrell
Abingdon, VA
College of Liberal Arts
BA, Criminal Justice

Adam Ehlert
Appleton, WI
College of Science
BS, Mathematics

Minna Apinzadeh-Jouyomi
Huntington, WV
College of Education
BS, SEcondary Education

Brittany McNeill
Decatur, AL
College of Fine Arts
BFA, Visual Arts

Ananda Elizabeth Bills
St. Mary's, WV
Graduate College
MS, Adult & Technical Education

Paul Boekell
Huntington, WV
College of Fine Arts
BFA, Visual Arts

Laura Ellars
Charleston, WV
College of Science
BS, Biological Science

Erin Felton
Chicago, IL
College of Liberal Arts
BA, English

Richard Casey
Procterville, OH
MU Community & Technical College
Radiological Technology

Deeanna Cecil
Moundsville, WV
College of Education
BA, Secondary Education

Brittany Cernuto
Beckley, WV
College of Health Professions

Jessica Childress
Nitro, WV
College of Education
Elementary Education

Natasha L. McPeek
New Matamoras, OH
College of Education & Human Services

Caitlin Jean Crede
Elkview, WV
College of Health Professions

Diana Hayes
Shephardstown, WV
College of Health Professions
BS, Communication Disorders

Meghan Pauley
Madison, WV
College of Science
BS, Biomedical Science

Cheyenne Bingham
Barboursville, WV
College of Health Professions
BS, Pre-Communication Disorders

Eric Davis
Acworth, CA
College of Business
BBA, (Undecided)

Nicolette DeMicco
Bel Air, MD
College of Education & Human Services
BA, Elementary Education

Amanda Locke
Springfield, VA
College of Health Professions
BA, Physical Education

Allison Frazier
Louisa, KY
College of Liberal Arts
BA, English

Tresa Nelms
Columbia, MD
College of Science
BS, Biological Science

Elin Reva Field
Dunbar, WV
Honors College
Civil Engineering

Nicole E. Hale
Barboursville, WV
College of Nursing

Sarah Lucretia Nott
Point Pleasant, WV
School of Journalism and Mass Communications

Rebecca R. Hovemeyer
Huntington, WV
College of Science
Computer & Information Technology

Arynn Dawn Cooper
Hamlin, WV
College of Liberal Arts
International Affairs

Sabrena Dove Hirst
Augusta, WV
College of Arts and Media
Broadcast Journalism

Joseph Allen Jones
Point Pleasant, WV
College of Science
Computer and Information Technology

Briena Michelle Wilson

Maggie Kathryn Conley
Vienna, WV
College of Liberal Arts

Sarah Emily Ferrier
Greensboro, PA
College of Science
Biological Science

Kelley Elise Johnson
Huntington, WV
College of Liberal Arts

Sophia Ann Manoni
Hurricane, WV
College of Business

Sarah Louraa Pierce
Prichard, WV
College of Education
Pre Teachers Education- Elementary

Martin LeVAr Ward
Huntington, WV
College of Liberal Arts

Jordan Nicole Wimer
Huntington, WV
College of Health Professions

Jason Cody Call
Apple Grove, WV
Graduate College
MBA Program

Drew Timothy Bledsoe
Hurricane, WV
College of Science

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