More Photos from the Brotherhood - No real category, just candid shots

Jim & Linda Summers, Bill Click, Doug Hughes

Jim Summers, Bill Click, Doug Hughes


Zebes at the MUAA Alumni Reception

Madison, WI -- 05-Sep-2008

(L-R) Jim Summers, Bob Gregg, Joe Gillette


Ken Cohen, Auggie Dailer, Roy Huffman


Jack Kessick, Leo Grob, Roy Huffman


Jim Summers (USC MSEd) and Joe Gillette in

 Ohio Stadium after the USC-OSU football game

summers osu

Joe Gillette, Jim Summers, Dick Waite

 at the Columbus airport after meeting for lunch

28-Feb-2010: Bud and Linda Schroeder

 and Lynda and Jim Summers, Charlotte

after Marshall Softball vs UNC-Charlotte


14-Nov-2009: Lynda and Jim Summers

and Joe and Pam Gillette, Marshall Memorial

Fountain following the Fountain Ceremony

 at which Joe was the keynote speaker.


Gary Leach, Mark Brodof, John Pauley

Little Caesar's Bowl


John Pauley, Gary Leach, Randy Daniel,

Mark Brodof, Little Caesar's Bowl


Geneva and Joe George - Lynda and Jim Summers

 at Ohio Stadium following Marshall vs Ohio State


Jim Summers, Larry Moyers & Joe Gillette headed

 home from Marshall v Southern MS/Hattiesburg


Jim Summers, Donna Moyers, Lynda Summers,

Karen & Pete Broh, Larry Moyers, Jack Kessick,

Bud Schroeder & Bob Salsitz heading for

Dowdy-Ficklin Stadium for Marshall vs East Carolina


John and George ( sounds like part

of a rock band) relax


George & Donna Harbour - Deb and John

Pauley at Snowshoe


Jim Summers & Pete Broh Army Navy Game

Dec 11, 2010


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