The First Reunion - 1999

Charter Members

From left: John Colston, Jim Summers, Dave
Shelton, John Pauley, Mike Chapman and Alan White
Question: Which G E brother had the most cousins
as chapter brothers? Answer: Pete Broh shown
here from left with Cousin Tony, Aunt Shirley,
Cousin Bert Landau, Pete, and Cousin Richard Landau.
Gamma Epsilon Chapter's youngest brother
sweetheart: George and Mary Ellen Fraley
Conley and Jean Ann Grimes
George and Donna Harbour
Question: Which one is Marco?
Answer: Both
Bud and Jenna Shaver & Lynda and Jim Summers
David and Maggie Buie & Larry Shreve
Hedland Blankenship, Jim Wise and Alan White
The Front Room Reunion L-R; Jim Summers,
John Louden Pete Broh, Riley Brothers
-- - ZBT Gamma Epsilon Fraternity --
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